Functional Annotation of Proteins

The genomes of more than 30 fungi have been sequenced, however our knowledge of the gene content and function of these fungi is limited. Biologists are most confident in gene annotations that have been reviewed by teams of scientist but this curation process is time consuming.  It is becoming clear that the rate of genome sequence acquisition is outpacing our ability to assign gene functions manually.  We are developing methods for automatic functional annotation of proteins.

  •  AAPFC: Automated Annotation of Protein Functions.  AAPFC uses conserved sequence motifs and functional sites to assign Gene Ontology terms to proteins.  
  • PoGO: Protein annotation with Gene Ontology Terms.  PoGO assigns GO terms to proteins using a much larger feature set than AAPFC.  

AAPFC and PoGO are are under development by Jaehee Jung, a Ph.D. student at Texas A&M and Michael Thon.  

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