Primer Preparation

Primers are delivered as dry pellets and can be storage at 4C.

-Use sterile 1.5ml centrifuge tubes, add to each primer tube received 1ml nuclease free water using filter tips.

-Adjust the concentration of your primers to a final of 10mMolar. For example if primer conc. is 32.8 nanomol (nmol) its CM= (32.8 10-9Mole) /1*10-3 L = 32.8 uM


-if I want to make 500 ul of 10uM,  how many ul of primers should I use?


Vi= initial volume

Ci= initial concentration = 32.8 uM

Vf= final volume = 500 ul

Cf= final concentration = 10 uM


Vi x Ci = Vf x Cf      then


Vi= Vf x Cf/ Ci  =


Vi= 500 ul x10uM / 32.8 uM 


Vi= 153 ul


153 ul of original primer to make 500 ul of 10uM primer, then

153 ul of primer and 347 ul of water for a final concentration of 10 uM


store at –20°C



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